CHECK OUR RESULT MOVEBefore I tell you how my system works and how good it is, please check the results first by clicking the button on the left. Seeing is believing! See first, invest later! 

If you are happy with the results, you can read further. Otherwise, there is no point wasting our time if you are not satisfied with them.

How the MAM-EA system works:

  • It consists of 3 integrated sub-systems.
  • The first system uses 3 indicators to determine if there is up- or downtrend.
  • The second system executes long-term trades within the range of 10-35 pips to take advantage of the trend and consolidation phases.
  • The third system compounds many short-term trades within the range of 2-5 pips from each other to maximize profits.

PAMM-MAM Trust us

  • I try to ENTER at the bottom of an uptrend or at the top of a downtrend and EXIT when the trend reverses.
  • If I am right, I can make many pips. If I am wrong, I lose just a few pips due to a low Draw-Down value.
  • However, if the system starts making more money, I can use additional equity to add more trades or increase the Order Size.
  • The trades are CLOSED by a Trailing Stop, Invisible Stop Loss/Take Profit or Equity Drop.
  • Maximum EQUITY DROP (also called “Draw-Down” or “Risk Management”) is no more than 25% (usually around 10-25%).
  • PROFITS are from 10-20% per day to 100-500% per month (see the results to make sure it’s true).
  • Of course sometimes the system can make more profits, sometimes less which depends on the market volatility and pairs we trade.
  • I usually trade 1-2 major PAIRS at the same time.
  • SPREAD is not very important, but it shouldn’t be too high. Best spread is from 1-3 pips, even 4-5 pips is OK, but more than that is too much.
  • All three systems use different TIME-FRAMES (each of them uses two Time-Frames)
    • 4H & 1W for determining the trend and executing Middle Range trades
    • 5M & 4H for executing compounding trades to maximize profits



5M 4H
4H 1W

Until recently I traded manually, but I asked one very good (and expensive) programmer to code this system for me so now I don’t have to trade manually any more.

The system is really good since it works both in trends and consolidations. Even if the market reverses for a short while and then trends again, the system can take advantage of it and doesn’t lose money in such a situation. It also increases the order size when the equity is higher to make even more profits faster.

I call it a “MAM-EA System” since I use it mainly on PAMM and MAM accounts to trade for my clients. It’s not forbidden by the brokers since it doesn’t use any method taking advantage of broker’s weaknesses which might lead to profit cancellations.

It works the same way on:

  • Demo and Real Accounts
  • Micro, Mini, Standard, ECN, and all other accounts
  • ECN, STP, Market Makers and all other brokers

It doesn’t use:

  • Martingale
  • Arbitrage
  • Short-term scalping

For more information about our system, deposits, brokers, etc. please contact me at:




  1. Today I’m very happy with your trading, just 2 weeks and get 500% profit. Now I’m still in the process to withdraw the money. Thank you very much.

  2. Sir thank you for your robot. I make $4600 in my account, your robot working the best!

  3. That’s very amazing! I deposit about $4500 and now my balance is $15000. Thank you for your help now I can buy a car for my family.

  4. Hi, It’s really work and make much profit on my account.
    Will buy for more account. Thank you very much for your EA.

    • Hi, thank you for your comment. Yes, we sell EA. The price of our EA is $1,250 after a discount. It includes 1 coding request for up to 5 trading accounts and a Life-Time License so you don’t need to pay for any additional charges if we have any updates of the Robot.

  5. Hello, I just wanna say thank you for your profitable EA. Now I can make much profit easily

  6. hello i have sent you the profit share. did you already received it ? answer my email sir

  7. hi my account is ready and funded. please manage my account. give me more information about your EA too.

    • Hello Creeny, please kindly check your email and we will start trading on your accoun soon.

    • “Hello Ficheer, we have sent you our details information on your email.

      Thank you.”

  8. Hello, i’m very interested to join in your service. How much the profit share? Give me the detail information.

    • Hi Sajad.
      Yes we sell our EA. We’ve sent you the detail on your email. Thank you.

  9. Hello sir, I have sent you the profit share and now I want to buy your profitable EA. Please reply my email.
    Thank you so much.

    • Hello Fattah, we have received your profit share and we have reply your email.
      Thank you.

    • Hello, thank you for your comment. Yes we can trade on your account. We have contacted you on email, please check it.

  10. Hello my friend told me that your service is really good.
    I am interested, how to join?

    • Hello, thank you for your interested. We’ve sent you the detail on your email.

  11. Hello, I have sent your share and give you the screenshot of payment, please check your email.
    I hope you can start trading on my account soon. Thank you.

    • Hello Shannia, please kindly check yor email. We will start trading on your account soon.
      Thank you.

  12. I need this kind of robots. It will be better if someone here can give me the specific information about the robot? Thank you.

  13. Sir I’m interest in your EA but I want to join in your money management first.
    Give me more detail information.

  14. Good morning, I saw your website from youtube..
    what is the best broker for your EA? I have some accounts from different brokers. And, where should I do the payment?

    • Hi, you are welcome. Let us know if you are ready to join again.
      Thank you.

  15. Hello the robot can make much profit until now. I hope the robot will always make profit like this. Thank you..

  16. Sir I got big profits two times thanks to your service and go for the EA’s purchasing now..

  17. Hello can you trade on my account for 1-2 weeks? I have an account in FX Choice broker.
    How much the minimum deposit?

  18. Hi Sir, can you give me another robot trading result? Please let me know the indicator, strategies,the price and payment

    • Hi Afftar, we’ve sent you the detail information on your email. Thak you.

  19. I’m very interested with your system and i want to buy. But i wan to know more about it. Can you send me the detail information? Thank you.
    Have a good day.

    • Hi Zakeeya, we’ve sent you the detail information on your email. Thank you.

  20. Hello, I want you manage my account. I send details on your email. Thanks

    • Hi Aravindh, thank you for your interest.
      Yes, we sell our EA. We’ve sent you more information on your email.

  21. Hello

    I would like to know how much is the EA and whats’s the minimum deposit required.

    Can I open a MAM also?

    • Hi Juan, we’ve sent you the detail information on your email. Thank you.

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  23. Sir thank you so much for recoup my losses. I will send you the profit share, then continue to trade on my account please..

    • Hi Syimha, we will waiting for your profit share and continuing to trade on your account. Thank you.

  24. Hey sir can you please send me details of account management and your EA please?

  25. Sir i want to know more about your money management service give me the details please

  26. sir, i am interested. i have sent the email as well about our discussion on skype. please advice how to make payment..

  27. sir i’m interested in your EA, but i want to join in your service first then after you make profit i will purchase your EA. can i?

  28. can you trade for me on my demo account? if the result is good i will join with $5,000 deposit on my real account sir..

  29. hello Christopher Wilson, i have sent you my account details to your email and please be careful to trade on my account

  30. Thanks sir your money management service is unbelieveable!!
    How you can make more than 300% profit within two day? Now, I want to buy your EA, I have sent you email…

  31. Hello, my account is ready and funded. How much the profit share if my deposit is $2,500?

  32. Hello, I would be happy if you can trade on my demo account then after you make profit, you can trade on my real account. It is okay?

  33. hello i would like more details on your ea, how to check the results? real account? the indicators are simply rsi sar? its lgh for strategy !
    Thank you for your reply

  34. Can you please furnish me more info regarding your fund management and EA purchase. Information such as minimum deposit etc will be of great interest

  35. Please share Invester password of any of your account managed by EA, so we can watch performance on real time.

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